Below are some links we think you might find useful (if you think you can offer the readers of 3 Men in a Bunker a special deal or have something to shout about please get in touch.

Littlehampton Golf ClubLittlehampton Golf Club (Seems sensible to provide you the link to our home course!) - One of the finest links golf courses on the south coast. Fancy a round with the 3 Men team? Give us a shout.

Code GolfCode Golf - More than just an online shop. As a Codegolf member you inherit extensive site privileges such as invitations to pro-ams and high profile tournaments, corporate days, free golf vouchers for exclusive worldwide resorts, holidays, cars, hotels, tuition, memorabilia, sporting events......believe us, the list is endless.

Hedgehog WheelsHedgehog wheels are incredible at eliminating the damage which can be made to golf courses by standard trolley wheels as they slip and slide around, avoiding the need for clubs to introduce trolley bans.  If your club requires Hedgehogs in the wet, get them here with 10% off using our special code "Hedge3MIB"