BombTech Golf

Bombtech golf driver reviewWell, what can we say. BombTech golf seem to be the first new brand we have come across who have taken the brave decision to take on the big boys and go head to head on them with Driver design.

Dual Cavity Design

When we say design we are not just talking about the look, we are talking about the engineering / look / feel and performance.  BombTech have gone after all these qualities and are selling these drivers like hotcakes.

Sully, BombTech Golfs CEO comments that "Advanced technology, top-quality materials & innovative design combine to create a golf driver you’re proud to swing. All of our products are co-engineered with the University of Vermont. We guarantee that you will see, feel and hear the difference. Join our team!"

We cant wait for ours to arrive for review.  Keep an eye on our twitter feed and facebook for our reviews soon.

bombtech driver review

Good luck to BombTech we say - Visit their website now

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Hand Made in Vermont, USA