Green Sleeves - Golf Ball & Club Cleaners

Green Sleeves imageWe all love a little golf gift.  Friends and family seem to love grabbing you sub £10 golf gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Mothers Day and Fathers Day for example.  We've all had a tee set, some balls we'll never use, another towel and some exploding / joke golf balls.  

It really is about time the inventors found cool and useful toys for us to add to our golf collection.  We think times are changing and the first of these we are happy to bring you is the Green Sleeve from the Curzon Group. 

The Designer Way to Keep Your Golf Balls & Irons Clean

Green Sleeves have a unique microfibre cleaning centre to remove loose dirt, dry and polish golf balls and irons. They have been specially designed with a collar at each end to allow the golfer to hold the sleeve more comfortably and then insert a ball or iron at either end for cleaning. Microfibre is an extremely fine fibre that is able to absorb more particles of dirt than any other fabric known and this gives the Green Sleeve the very powerful cleaning centre.

  • Removes loose dirt from golf balls and irons.
  • Lightweight and always in your pocket.
  • Easy to use in the palm of your hand.
  • Fashionable with colourful designs.
  • Dries and polishes golf balls and irons.
  • Compact and always with you.
  • Ready to clean everywhere – especially on the green.

Green Sleeves have this to say: "We are a family business based in the New Forest, Southern England. Being very passionate about golf, over time we realised that there was a need to have a versatile and powerful pocket sized golf ball/club cleaner. In early 2012, we set about designing one that needed to be simple, extremely light and versatile enough that it would clean loose dirt not only from golf balls, but also from the heads of golfing irons."

green sleeve image

They would be a super little giveaway for corporate golf days too!!

Check out Neal's recent review of the Green Sleeve by visiting our blog post - or go one better and grab yourself one now from the shop.

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