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Vice Golf balls front and backHere is another company we love.  Like BombTech golf we love their bravery. Their ambition and will to succeed in one of the toughest marketplaces along with their desire to compete with the very best household brands is what sets these guys apart. Coming from Germany you can guarantee high quality and repeatability from expert research, design and manufacturer.

Embrace your Vice!

Vice was founded on the belief that high excellent golf balls must be available at a lower price point, so they are sold direct to you the end user, cutting out the miiddle men.  Even before you try the balls, the boxes draw you into the product.  Then the simplicity of the design and the addition of the putting line are great touches and do look class! 

Vice Pro boxesVice stands for advanced technology at the highest level and at the same time for simple, clean, minimalist yet powerful design that redefines the passion for golf. Our design always clearly follows function: We therefore have equipped our balls with a clear ball number as well as a distinct putting line (KIL: Keep in Line)."

We cant wait for ours to arrive for review.  Keep an eye on our twitter feed and facebook for our reviews soon.

vice golf ball options

Good luck to Vice Golf we say - Visit their website now

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Sophisticated Technology & Unique Design